The Dr. Phil show used to offer VHS tapings of the show for purchase if 
you called 1-866-437-7445.  This service is no longer offered.

Long ago, we acquired a taping of the show "How You Look Drunk" (aired 
11-5-2004).  The copyright belongs to Harpo Productions Inc.  We would 
like to request streaming & closed captioning rights for this video, but 
I'm having difficulty finding any contact information.  The studio in 
Chicago is no more.  The general phone number (312-633-1000) has a "full 
voicemail box" and doesn't appear to be actively used.  (I did leave a 
message.)  The Oprah website didn't provide any leads, nor the Dr. Phil 

Does anyone have current information on Harpo Inc? 

I appreciate any leads!

Katie Aldrich
Library Services Assistant - Purchasing
Northcentral Technical College 
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