Hi Toby,

 >> OK, so you can use 'tsmithe-sf' as my account name. I thought I had
>> 'tsmithe', but the account recovery system seems to be broken and I can
>> only remember my username and registered e-mail address..
> The recovery e-mail came through eventually, so please use 'tsmithe'
> rather than 'tsmithe-sf', if you can.

alright, I added you to the developer group. I don't know whether this 
is sufficient for write permissions at the project web, but just give it 
a try. User permission management is quite coarse-grained on sf.net.

Connection settings are explained here:
and in short here:

Host: web.sourceforge.net
Protocol: SFTP
Port: 22
Username: tsmithe
Password: Your Login Password
Upload path: /home/project-web/viennacl/htdocs

Best regards,

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