Hi Arijit,

 > I just wonder whether there is a way to sum or mean a matrix row or
> columnwise.
> e.g. say I have a matrix A(m,n)
> Is there any function like a matlab for summing columnwise such that I
> get a vector of size B(m) e.g. B = sum(A,2);
> or A row vector of size n e.g. C(n) such that C = sum(A,1);
> I read in a discussion that there was a plan to implement that in
> viennacl 1.6.2 but I could not find any clear example.
> It would be great if someone please help me out.

the functionality is partially implemented, but not yet complete. See 
this related ticket:

In the meanwhile you would have to resort to your own kernels for this - 
or wait for the 1.7.0 release in June.

Best regards,

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