--- "H.N" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> からのメッセージ:
> > 1. OS, version cu?a A, B
> Ca? 2 dde^`u du`ng Linux 2.4 (Redhat 7.2)

2 ca'i ma'y ddo' nguo+`i ta install cho ba'c hay ba'c tu+.
install la^'y? Ne^'u ba'c co' root password nghi~a la`
ba'c tu+. ca`i la^'y no' a`?

Sau khi ca`i xong ba'c set cho ma'y A, B listen to the NIS

Va^.y co`n $HOME thi` sao? no' co' du`ng NFS + automount

# Tha^.t ra ne^'u ma^'t NFS kho^ng dduo+.c
# automounted thi` va^~n login dduo+.c

> > 2. ps -ax cu?a ca? 2 ma'y( snip ne^'u ca^`n :D).
> Em co' access ddu*o*.c ma'y A dda^u :(
> (Kho^ng ha(?n la` kho^ng access ddu*o*.c ma` la`
> ngu*o*`i kha'c ddang du`ng ne^n kho^ng tie^.n la('m)

Va^.y to^'t nha^'t la` ne^n ho?i tay admin.

> Ne^'u edit ca'i /etc/hosts.allow (cu?a ma'y A) thi`
> co' ta'c du.ng gi` kho^ng a.? 

Vi` sao ba'c nghi~ ca^`n edit /etc/hosts.allow cu?a A?



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