On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, Ky Anh wrote:

> On Thursday 29 July 2004 09:16, Pham Kim Long wrote:
> > On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, Ky Anh wrote:
> > > - Va^'n de^` em ga(.p la.i (sau mo^.t ho^`i du`ng UniKey trong mo^.t
> > > phie^n la`m vie^.c == session) la`: x-unikey gu+?i qua' nhie^`u phi'm
> > > "BackSpace", khie^'n cho ra^'t nhie^`u, co' khi ca? mo^.t ddo.an da`i 7-8
> > Ne^'u go~ lie^`n 1 ma.ch ma` kho^ng go~ backspace thi` co' bi. 
> > kho^ng?
> Cai' BackSpace la` do UniKey guir?, em ko^ co' danh' Back Space la`m chi ca?
> Thu+o+`ng xa?y ra la('m. cho ca'c App. KDE thi` ko^ sao (vi' du. ca'i KMAIL em
> ddang du`ng UniKey dde^? go~ dda^y), nhu+ng cho App. GTK thi` bi.. lo^~i\.Sau
> khi kho+?i ddo.ng ma'y, la`m vie^.c mo^.t ho^`i la` ba('t daafu bi.... DDa'nh
> nhanh hay cha^.m cu~ng dde^`u bi. ca?. Danh' lien tu.c.... thi` bi.

Hi Ky` Anh,

Tho^i dda`nh chi.u va^.y\. Thu+.c su+. la` mi`nh cu~ng co' ga(.p ddo^i ba
la^`n nhu+ va^.y vo+'i VIQR output. Nhu+ng khi ca^`n thi` kho^ng the^?
na`o reproduce ddu+o+.c dde^? ba(t. Ne^'u ba.n na('m ddu+o+.c quy lua^.t
xa?y ra lo^~i thi` report nhe'.

Ba.n cu~ng thu+? du`ng module unikey gtk xem co' kha' ho+n kho^ng.  Ne^'u
module na`y ddu+o+.c install thi` khi right click va`o edit box, cho.n
input method se~ tha^'y Unikey. Mi`nh kho^ng bie^'t RPM cu?a ba'c Larry
co' ke`m module na`y kho^ng, ne^'u kho^ng co' ba.n co' the^? install tu+`
source vo+'i "configure --with-unikey-gtk".


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