>> 3.  Ca'c ba'c vie^'t cho ai ddo.c?  Ma` topic gi`
>> dde^? thu hu't ngu+o+`i
>> ddo.c.
> Ba'c co' the^? ti`m ddo.c ca'i mail xin y' kie^'n ve^`
> to^? chu+'c e-zine\. DDo^'i tu+o+.ng ddo^.c gia? la`
> ta^'t ca? nhu+~ng ngu+o+`i quan ta^m to+'i OSS, tu+`
> user to+'i developer. Va` ddo'ng go'p no^.i dung cho
> no' cu~ng la` ta^'t ca? mo.i ngu+o+`i: tu+` user to+'i
> developer.

Ddo.c ro^`i... chu+a thu hu't cho la('m (ba?n tha^n tui tho^i) :) but it's
a good start.

>>Va` ca'c bac' co' la`m la^u da`i ddu+o+.c
>> kho^ng?  Ba?n tha^n tui
>> khi ddo.c nhu+~ng to+` ba'o Windows/Linux, tui
>> kho^ng chu' tro.ng nhie^`u
>> ve^` nhu+~ng ba`i technical ma` la` nhu+~ng va^'n
>> dde^` xoay quanh no'
>> (thu+o+ng ma.i, u+'ng du.ng, hu+o+'ng ddi...).
> DDo^'i tu+o+.ng ddo^.c gia? co' nhie^`u loa.i, va`
> cu~ng co' nhie^`u mo^'i quan ta^m kha'c nhau\. Hy
> vo.ng e-zine co' the^? dda'p u+'ng ddu+o+.c (ha^`u
> he^'t) nhu ca^`u cu?a mo.i ngu+o+`i.

Ddo^`ng y' nhu+ng ddu+`ng la`m da^u tra(m ho. nhe'... One step at a
time...  Tu+` tu+` no' se~ hay tho^i.

>> Technical stuff thi` dda~
>> co' manual hoa(.c nhu+~ng ta`i lie^.u kha'c du` la`
>> ho+i kho^ khan mo^.t
>> ti'.  Tui kho^ng the^? na`o ddo+.i dde^'n mo^.t
>> tha'ng dde^? ddo.c mo^.t
>> ba`i cu?a ca'c ba'c vi` co' the^/ dda~ out-of-date
>> ro^`i :)
> Ca'i na`y thi` em kho^ng ddo^`ng ti`nh vo+'i ba'c:
> - Technical stuff hay, vie^'t cha^'t lu+o+.ng kho^ng
> bao gio+` kho^ khan

Y' tui no'i la` ne^'u ca^`n nhu+~ng ta`i lie^.u technical ca^.p nha^.t
thi` tui mo` va`o ma^'y ca'i technical manual cho+' kho^ng the^? cho+`
ddo+.i ai di.ch hoa(.c vie^'t cho vi` life is too short :)  Di~ nhie^n
nhu+~ng ba`i technical vie^'t la.i thi` no' de^? hie^?u ho+n manual
nhie^`u vi` co' kinh nghie^.m cu?a ta'c gi?a trong ddo' ma`.

> - Ta`i lie^.u co' the^? cu~ vo+'i ngu+o+`i na`y nhu+ng
> va^~n co`n mo+'i vo+'i ngu+o+`i kha'c --> ne^n va^~n
> co`n gia' tri. Loa.i ta`i lie^.u pho^? bie^'n kie^'n
> thu+'c cha(?ng ha.n co`n gia' tri. to+'i ha`ng na(m
> sau khi no' ra ddo+`i\.

Ditto... Movie ma` chu+a coi thi` di~ nhie^n la` movie mo+'i ro^`i :)

>> P.S.  Ma` thu+.c te^' ho+n he^'t la` ma^'y ba'c
>> vie^'t ba`i cho ma^'y to+`
>> ba'o Windows la` hay nha^'t ta.i vi` ddo' la` no+i
>> co' nhie^`u ddo^.c gia?
>> ho+n ai he^'t :)
> he^ he^ ddang ba`n Linux ma` la.i sang Windows ho+i
> off-topic ro^`i\.

Ba'c hie^?u la^`m ro^`i, dda^u co' Off-topic dda^u.  Tui no'i vie^'t ba`i
Linux cho Windows magazine ma`.  Ddo' la` mo^.t ca'ch qua?ng ca'o nhanh
nha^'t.  Dda so^' Windows magazine o+? ha?i ngoa.i dde^`u co' ke`m theo
mo^.t va`i ba`i ve^` Linux dde^? cho Windows users hie^?u ro~ nhu+~ng
u+'ng du.ng cu?a no'.  Nhu+ va^.y dde^? ho. hie^?u ra(`ng co' the^' gio+'i
thu+' 2 ngoa`i Windows.

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