>Vietlug co' kha' nhie^`u ngu+o+`i co'
>nhie^`u kinh nghie^.m, ta^m huye^'t va` cu~ng co'
>mo^.t so^' dda~ va` ddang thu+.c hie^.n nhu+~ng
>nghie^n cu+'u pha't trie^?n, xa^y du+.ng ca'c sa?n
>pha^?m cho co^.ng ddo^`ng tre^n Linux. Se~ ra^'t thu'
>vi. ne^'u ta la`m mo^.t ca'i e-zine (magazine da.ng <http://da.ng>
>ddie^.n tu+?, co' in xua^'t ba?n kho^ng thi` ba`n
>sau), va`i ba tha'ng ra mo^.t so^'. E-zine se~ ke^u
>go.i mo.i ngu+o+`i ddo'ng go'p ba`i vie^'t ve^` ca'c
>kinh nghie^.m, kie^'n thu+'c muo^'n pho^? bie^'n cho
>mo.i ngu+o+`i\.

Y' kie^'n hay qua', co' mo^.t so^' cuo^'n sa'ch da`y co^.p ra ddo+`i tu+` nhu+~ng ba`i ba'o
Kho^ng bie^'t ca'c ba'c leader nghi~ sao?


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