--- Larry Nguyen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > Go-Global  (http://graphon.com) co' ho^~ tro+.
> Nhu+ng
> > ke.t ca'i na`y
> > to^'n tie^`n.
> > Ne^'u chi.u kho' xa`i trial 30 nga`y, he^'t la.i
> > dda(ng ky' tie^'p (chi?
> > to^.i ca'i pha?i du`ng nhie^`u mail).
> >
> > Viet Hung
> vnc cu~ng ok roi ba'c. Ta.i ho^m thu+? cho qua ssh
> ne^n no' ho+i cha^.m :(
> DDang ti'nh thu+? nomanmachine. Nghe bo.n no' ba?o
> ca'i na`y va` Citrix la`
> hai ca'i nhanh nha^'t hie^.n nay.

nomachine (nomachine.com) cha.y cu+.c ky` ngon, tro+n
nhu+ bo^i mo+~ va^.y\. vnc kho^ng sa'nh ddu+o+.c vo+'i
nomachine dda^u, ba'c cu+' thu+? xem.

Em du`ng mo^.t ca'i ma'y o+? xa la`m nomachine server,
cha.y qua ADSL ma` co' ca?m gia'c nhu+ ngo^`i o+?
console va^.y. Ba^y gio+` nga^~m kho^ng hie^?u bao
gio+` vnc se~ tuye^.t chu?ng ;-)

nomachine protocol cu~ng ho^~ tro+. encryption
(built-in) ne^n ve^` an toa`n thi` ye^n ta^m.

Ba'c na`o muo^'n thu+? nomachine tre^n Fedora thi` xem
o+? dda^y:


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