Le Xuan Thao wrote:

On Sat, Oct 23, 2004 at 09:11:18PM +0900, maikhai wrote:

Hi All!

Ta.i sao tu+` Windows ma` reboot qua Linux (YOSPER 2.6.8-1) thi` kho^ng the^? connect internet ngay ddu+o+.c? Pha?i reboot mo^.t la^`n nu+~a thi` no' mo+'i OK.
To^i ddoa'n la` ta.i bo+?i networking trong Windows tru+o+'c khi reboot dda~ bi. disable. Nhu+ng kho^ng hie^?u ta.i sao la.i nhu+ va^.y?
Xin ca'c ba.n vui lo`ng chi? gia'o. Ca'm o+n.
m k h _ s g n

Ba'c no^'i ma.ng ba(`ng gi` va^.y ? Qua dial up or Lan ?

Qua ADSL. Card ma.ng 3C509BTX + router Zyxel.
Ne^'u cha.y Linux xong ta('t ma'y, mo+? la.i thi`OK. Ne^'u ddang cha.y Windows, ta('t ma'y. Mo^.t la't sau mo+? ma'y va`o Linux la` kho^ng ddu+o+.c. Pha?i reboot the^m ca'i nu+~a thi` no' tu+. nha^.n ra ca'c thu+', nha^'n chuo^.t va`o Thunderbird la` no' nha?y ra check mail va` bu+ng ve^` cho mi`nh ddo.c.

m k h _ s g n

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