Tru+o+'c dda^y ma^'y tua^`n to^i co' post nha^.n xe't ve^` hie^.n chu+~ Vie^.t 
trong Kmail cha.y tre^n Yoper V2.1 (kernel 2.6.8-1) la` ra?i ra'c co' nhu+~ng 
ky' tu+. "a`" [a va` da^'u huye^`n] xua^'t hie^.n trong va(n ba?n.

Nay theo chi? da^~n cu?a Larry to^i down load file arial.tar.bz2 (13.2 MB) va` 
du`ng fonts na`y cho ca? he^. tho^'ng va` Kmail, thi` kho^ng con bi. lo^~i 
ne^u tre^n nu+~a. Kho^ng bie^'t font na`y co' ddu+o+.c du`ng free hay kho^ng?

Font ma` to^i bi. lo^~i tru+o+'c dda^y la` Vn Nimbus Sans L
Go+.i y' Ha`n The^' Tha`nh xem la.i co' ddu'ng va^.y kho^ng?
m k h _ s g n

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