Tu+o+?ng gi` chu+' chuye^.n access webserver tu+`
trong LAN thi` nhu+ ba'c Tua^'n va` anh Larry no'i,
the^m va`o file hosts la` xong. Em dda~ la`m thu+?
ro^`i (do anh vnpenguin chi?) ne^n em cha('c cha('n
la` ddu+o+.c . 
Em tu+o+?ng ho?i ve^` chuye^.n virtual host trong
tru+o+`ng ho+.p na`y\. Sa(~n tie^.n cho em ho?i
tru+o+`ng ho+.p na`y thi` ta pha?i la`m sao a. ?
co' 2 ca'i dyndns la` test.no-ip.com va`
Em muo^'n cau hi`nh cho apache ca'i virtual host vo+'i
2 ca'i domain kia\. Vo+'i mu.c ddi'ch la` cho cu`ng
ca'i server cu?a em thi` co' 2 domain kha'c bie^.t
dde^? host 2 trang web kha'c nhau.

Da^y la` ca^u ho?i cu?a em:
-Ma'y ca^`n pha?i install dns server (Y/N)?
-chi? ca^`n khai ba'o trong hosts (Y/N)?
-Ca^'u hi`nh trong httpd.conf cho virtual host (Y)
-Ca^'u hi`nh tre^n router adsl (Y/N)?
Xin cam on
Manh Cuong.

--- Hoang Anh Tuan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Theo em thi` the^' na`y:
> Vi` khi trong LAN, ba'c du`ng
> http://myhostname.ath.cx, dns se~ pha^n gia?i
> tha`nh 1 ip thu+.c na`o ddo', dda^y la` ip tre^n
> ca'i ADSL router. Vi` va^.y
> khi ba'c browse o+? trong vo+'i address la`:
> http://myhostname.ath.cx thi`
> thu+.c su+. la` ba'c ddang browse webserver cu?a
> router.
> Co`n khi o+? be^n ngoa`i browse
> http://myhostname\.ath.cx thi` la.i ddu+o+.c
> la` vi` lu'c na`y router nha^.n ddu+o+.c 1 request
> tu+` external interface
> thi` no' mo+'i forward va`o ma'y .22 trong internal
> interface
> Ca'i na`y em chi? mo+'i nghi~ ra tho^i chu+' chu+a
> kie^?m tra chu+a ne^n
> kho^ng sure. Ma` ne^'u ddu'ng va^.y thi` ba'c la`m
> theo ca'ch cu?a ba'c
> Larry cha('c la` OK. Trong Winbloze thi` ba'c su+?a
> file: hosts trong
> \windows\system32\drivers\etc
> Tua^'n

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