Minh bi mat boot ghi ghost tu 1 HDD A -> HDD B, cong viec hoan tat va boot bang 
HDD B thi thong bao la khong khoi dong duoc, 1 thong bao GRU to tuong lu lu 
xuat hien. Xin chi giup minh lam cach nao de tao boot cho HDD B khoi dong binh 
thuong. Bay gio minh muon khoi dong toan phai cho Floppy vao de khoi dong.

Trong Windows trong phan Advance cua TCP/IP minh co the add them IP. Vi du nhu 
minh co 1 IP la, vao do minh co the IP them IP cho Ethernet vi du 
nhu, trong khi do trong LAN van co the truy cap 
vao cac IP kia nhu la truy cap vao Xin Larry chi giup trong LINUX 
co lam the duoc khong? Minh da thu add them vao trong muc ROUTE cua Ethernet 
trong NETWORKING cua REDHAT nhung ma khong duoc.

Xin chan thanh cam on.

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