Hi ba` con!

Sa'ng nay Nguyen Tan Khoa cho bie^'t dda~ download xong 5 iso file SuSE 9.2. 
Se~ copy ra DVD cho tie^.n. Ba.n na`o co' nhu ca^`u thi` cho bie^'t.

Nha^n dda^y,  mo^.t la^`n nu+~a xin thay ma(.t ba` con SaigonLUG ca'm o+n Vu~ 
Hu+ng dda~ cho iso, ca'm o+n Ma.nh Cu+o+`ng cho mu+o+.n cho^~ upload va`   
ca'm o+n Nien Lam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> cho tho^ng tin.

Ca'c ba.n SaigonLUG do.n o^? cu+'ng ddi  la` vu+`a!
m k h _ s g n

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