Quang Nguyen Dang wrote:

Minh gap 1 van de rat la la, May cua minh dung Linux Redhat 9.0 ket noi vao 
mang LAN co IP la Khi co 1 may khac trong mang LAN chuyen IP thanh khi do se co hien tuong IP Conflict nhung khong hieu sao no lai 
khong xay ra va nguoi kia van co the dung ngay lap tuc IP binh 
thuong. Da ai gap truong hop nay chua nhi? Ai biet chi giup minh nhe! Cau hinh 
cu the luon, cam on nhieu.

sorry ca'c ba'c, ho^m ny ngo^`i do.c la.i ca'i na`y ddu'ng la` co' nhie^`u ca'i chuo^'i thie^.t . Tru+o+`ng ho+.p the^' na`y co' the^? ddu+o+.c die^~n gia?i nhu+ sau

Trong ta^'t ca? nhu+~ng ho.at ddo^.ng ve^` qua?n li' ma.ng thi` thu+o+`ng co' ca'i firewall dde^? cha(.n, chi? 1 ca'i ip co' the^? ddi qua ca'i firewall( ma` kho^ng bi. ca^'m do'an tra ho?i gi` ca?) va` ca'i ip ddo' chi? gia`nh cho ca'c da.i gia nhu+ tru+?o+ng pho`ng hay se^'p lo+'n( IT manager cu~ng ko^ co', giu+~ la('m thi` co' tu+. ta.o ca'i user ddi qu SOCK tho^). DDe^'n 1 ho^m, se^'p ddi va('ng ca'i ip kia bo? kho^ng, anh em IT trong Co^ng Ty dde^`u muo^'n la^'y, tha(`ng du`ng linux ddi la`m tu+` 6h le^n la^'y ddu+o+.c, tha(`ng linux ddi sau la^'y kho^ng ddu+o+.c, tu+'c mi`nh chuye^?n sang windows cu+o+'p ca'i ip ngon nhu+ tro+? ba`n tay - tha(`ng linux tu+. ddo^.ng nhu+o+`ng cho tha(`ng Windows luo^n - The^' la` tha(`n Linux tu+. nhie^n kho^ng the^? la`m ddu+o+.c ca'i gi`.
DHCP : done
dhcpd.conf : done ( with MAC)
ba'c chi? co' 1 ca'i la`m lie^`u la` log va`o server thay ca'i MAC cu?a ca'i ddi.a chi? ip ddo' tha(`nh ra ca'i MAC cu?a ca'i ip cu?a ba'c ddang sa`i, sau ddo' restart service la` ok. Lu'c na`y tha(`ng Windows se~ kho^ng the^? tranh vo+'i ba'c ddu+o+.c.

Co`n ca'c ba'c guru co`n ca'ch na`o nu+~a thi` xin chi? gia'o\.

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