On 9:57:39 am 01/31/05 Tran Cong Linh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> error nay lam sao sua cac bac. dang compile kernel 2.6.9 khi boot len
> thi gap nhu vay

Hi Linh,

Ba.n cho i't tho^ng tin qua'. 

1. DDang xa`i 2.4 chuye^?n sang 2.6?
2. / na(`m o+? dda^u? Loa.i fs la` gi`? DDa~ compile ca'i fs na`y sa(~n
trong nha^n chu+a?
3. DDang xa`i GRUB hay lilo? Cho xem lilo.conf hay grub.conf/menu.lst


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