On Tue,  8 Feb 2005 09:59:57 -0600, Larry Nguyen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 7:11:31 am 02/08/05 Vo^ Danh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > nhung ma em kho^ng co' ddu+o+.c giao die^.n cho.n kie^?u go~ va` che`n
> > ki' tu+. ddie^`u khie^?n Unicode nhu+ trong screenshot ba'c gu+?i cho
> > em.
> >
> > Tha^.m chi' khi config anjuta, pha^`n encoding em cu~ng kho^ng tha^'y
> > UTF-8 nu+~a\. Cha? hie^?u em co' bie^n di.ch nha^`m gi` kho^ng?
> >
> Ba'c no'i 0 co' giao die^.n kie^?u cho.n la` sao? Ba'c pha?i click va`o
> ca'i box thu+' nhi` be^n tre^n tu+` tra'i qua (ca'i box nho? nho? ke^' be^n
> ca'i -->) right click trong ca'i box va` cho.n input method. Ne^'u 0 co'
> nu+~a thi` mi`nh...ddie^'c. Unless ba'c muo^'n du`ng binary mi`nh build cho
> chentu thi` download O+? 
> http://chentu.vnlinux.org/packages/anjuta-1.2.2-r1.tbz2
> Untar no' tu+` /.
Thanx ba'c, em da~ go~ ddu+o+.c tie^'ng vie^.t trong anjuta ro^`i\.
Kho^ng ngo+` no' dde^? cho.n Input Method trong tru+o+`ng Search.
thanx ba\'c nhi`u nhi`u\.

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