On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 09:31:40 +0700, maikhai <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Hi all!
>  Trong xfce, nha^'n va`o Xshell/XTerm, nha^'n tie^'p shift+ thi` cu+?a so^?
> la`m vie^.c ddu+o+.c pho'ng lo+'n theo cu`ng vo+'i fonts size. Nha^'n 3
> la^`n thi` he^'t pho'ng lo+'n ddu+o+.c nu+~a.
>  Ne^'u reboot system (hay logout) thi` khi XTerm tu+. ddo^.ng nha?y ra, no'
> dda~ ddu+o+.c pho'ng lo+'n ro^`i. NHU+NG fonts va^~n giu+~ nguye^n ddi.nh
> da.ng defaults, qua' nho?. Ne^'u tie^'p tu.c nha^'n shift+ nu+~a thi` khung
> XTerm va^~n pho'ng lo+'n ra ngoa`i Desktop!
>  Muo^'n tro+? la.i nhu+ cu~, chi? co' ca'ch close no' ro^`i mo+? la.i. Lu'c
> na`y nha^'n shift+ 3 la^`n dde^? pho'ng lo+'n theo y' muo^'n ddu+o+.c.
>  Vu. na`y ne^n coi la` u+u vie^.t cu?a no' hay la` mo^.t bug?
>  m k h _ s g n

kho^ng pha?i bug dda^u ba'c

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