chairuou wrote:

CentOS la` server oriented cu. a., xa`i cho desktop thi` cha? co' gi`hay ho, 
con khuye^n cu. ne^n thu+? ma^'y ca'i nhu+ ArkLinux, Vector
Linux SOHO 5, CollegueLinux ( school oriented )...

Ca? dda'm no' na(`m trong mo^.t gio? cu?a HTQuynh, burn ma^'y di~a ca`i thu+? cho su+o+'ng tay ma` :)

Nhu+ng cu~ng pha?i khen CentOS : fonts ra^'t dde.p, kho^ng hie^?u no' xa`i ca'i gi`. Trong sarge mi`nh add mo^.t file arial 12MB, nhu+ng kho^ng ba(`ng.

m k h _ s g n

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