Chuot map wrote:

Cha`o ca'c ba'c ,
DDa^y la` mo^.t va^'n dde^` kho^ng lie^n quan dde^'n linux , tuy nhie^n do cha'u kho^ng bie^'t ho?i ai , ne^n dda`nh post le^n list va^.y . Mong ca'c ba'c giu'p ddo+~ .
Ca^u ho?i nhu+ sau : Ne^'u mo^.t ebook ddu+o+.c vie^'t ba(`ng tie^'ng Vie^.t kho^ng da^'u , ba^y gio+` co' ca'ch na`o dde^? the^m da^'u va`o ebook na`y kho^ng ?
Ca'm o+n .

' ` ? ~ .

cu+' the^' ma` go~ va`o :)

m k h _ s g n

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