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On 4/27/05, Larry Nguyen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

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Subject: Hanoi LUG meeting 7th may 2005
To:      Larry Nguyen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
From:    Tremblay David <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date:    Wed, 27 Apr 2005 17:32:29 +0700

Hello Larry,

I'm out of my job network for few days I can't post to vnlinux list with
this adress, I Would like you to post this announcement on my behalf (if
you have 5 min to translate it would help me)

What : Hanoi LUG meeting

When : Saturday 7 may at 14h00 pm

Where :CAI-AUF
8 Tran Hung Dao # 202

Subject to be discussed :

1) Visit of the complete linux based center of CAI (where the meeting is
2) HN LUG need to meet regularly when and where do we do this ?
3) Upcoming events (openoffice 2.0, firefox 50 millions download and a
lot of other exciting stuff)

That's great.

Em la`m ta.m ca^u tho+ con co'c ta(.ng ma^'y pa.c nha^n nga`y 30-4 va` nga`y 7-5 sa('p to+'i\. Hi vo.ng la.i ddu+o+.c ga(.p go+~ anh em.

U+o+'c gi` Ni.c dde^'n ho^m nay
Anh Ha` No^.i La('c tho` tay anh so+`

PS: ta.m di.ch tho^ng ba'o cu?a ba'c David


Tho+`i gian:         2h chie^`u T7 (7-5-2005)
DDi.a ddie^?m:    CAI-AUF (so^' 8 Tran Hung Dao # 202)

Chu? dde^`:
- Tham quan trung ta^m ma'y ti'nh du+.a hoa`n toa`n tre^n LInux cu?a
CAI (no+i anh em mi`nh dda`n ddu'm a^'y)
- Tie^'p tu.c ba`n ve^` va^'n dde^` : Hanoilug ca^`n ga(.p nhau
thu+o+`ng xuye^n va` O+? dda^u\?
- Nhu+~ng su+. kie^.n sa('p to+'i (OO 2.0, va^n va^n va` va^n va^n ....)

SaigonLUG bi. cha.y sau xa la('c ro^`i :)

m k h _ s g n

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