Larry Nguyen wrote:

Ho^m tru+o+'c co' nho+' ba'c Ha?i ho?i sao fluxbox kho+?i ddo^.ng cha^.m
ba'c co' the^?

1 la` apply ca'i patch na`y ro^`i recompile la.i fluxbox

Hoa(.c ba'c bo? ha`ng na`y va`o ~/.bashrc

alias startx="LC_ALL='C' startx"

Va` ha`ng na`y va`o ~/.fluxbox/startup

export LC_ALL="vi_VN.UTF-8"

ne^u ba'c muo^'n du`ng vi_VN.UTF-8 vo+'i fluxbox

Xem chi tie^'t

Thanks to ba'c xomhau dda~ ho?i tre^n irc :)


Ca'm o+n Larry.

m k h _ s g n

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