Hello VietLUGers,

ML la.i bi. tru.c tra(.c. Ne^'u ma^'y ba'c go+?i mail ca'ch dda^y 24h ma`
va^~n chu+a tha^'y, mo^.t la` go+?i la.i, hai la` cho+` ti' xem SF co' fix
issue chu+a. Mi`nh co' gu+?i ca'i e-mail lu'c 2AM gio+` Houston (khoa?ng 2
gio+` chie^`u o+? VN), announcing vnlinuxCD-9.4-light release nhu+ng va^~n
chu+a tha^'y. Trong khi sa'ng nay go+?i 2 e-mails, mo^.t ca'i post ngay
co`n ca'i kia (tho^ng ba'o list bi. tru.c tra(.c) thi` va^~n chu+a tha^'y.

SF mo+'i implement spam system ne^n no'....oa?i. La`m o+n check SF site
status tru+o+'c khi nguye^`n ru?a /me vo^ to^.i. Please read here.  

2005-05-16 07:00:36 - Mailing List Service )   As of 2005-05-14 e-mail spam
volume being sent to the sourceforge.net e-mail servers has increased
dramatically. New filtering policies are being put in place to combat
against this current increase in spam. We anticipate the additional filters
to go live on 2005-05-16.



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