Ra^'t thi'ch ca'c y' tu+o+?ng cu?a ba'c. Tui co' mo^.t so^' y' kie^'n.

On 5/18/05, The Thanh Han <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> - ddi ke`m vo+'i y' tu+o+?ng pha?i co' te^n cu?a ngu+o+`i
>   co' kha? na(ng thu+.c hie^.n ddu+o+.c y' tu+o+?ng; kho^ng
>   nha^'t thie^'t pha?i la` ngu+o+`i na?y ra y' tu+o+?ng.

Nhu+ va^.y ha.n che^' nhu+~ng y' tu+o+?ng (co' ve? hay) ma`
ngu+o+`i nghi~ ra y' tu+o+?ng (do kho^ng quen bie^'t nhie^`u)
kho^ng bie^'t ro~ ra`ng ai la` ngu+o+`i co' the^? thu+.c hie^.n ddu+o+.c.

> PS: nho+` ba'c na`o forward sang vnoss du`m luo^n nha'. Thanks.

Ba'c chi? ca^`n the^m va`o cho^~ TO hay CC mo^.t trong nhu+~ng
do`ng sau dda^y la` se~ tha^'y mail hie^.n ngay le^n archive
Vie^.c na`y kho^ng ma^'t nhie^`u co^ng su+'c va` tho+`i gian,
tui nghi~ ba'c co' the^? tu+. la`m cu~ng ddu+o+.c.

James One, Phedora

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