Hi List! Xin thi?nh giao' :

Sarge (Testing) ddang cha.y co' ca`i xvnkb 0.2.9, nhu+ng khi apt-get install fluxbox thi` no' ba('t pha?i cha.y:
# apt-get -f install
dde^? delete xvnkb sau ddo' mo+i cho ca`i fluxbox.

1/ xvnkb 0.2.9 co' gi` kho^ng tu+o+ng thi'ch va` ne^n fix the^' na`o?
2/ Sau khi ca`i fluxbox, ne^'u ca`i la.i xvnkb thi` co' nguy co+ ga^y xung ddo^.t tu+' tung hay kho^ng?

m k h _ s g n

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