On Monday 01 August 2005 03:29 am, G TT wrote:
> 1. Hie^.n nay mo^'i lo la('ng cua? ca'c co^ng ty ta^`m vo'c quo^'c
> te^' la` ta.i mo^.t so^' vu`ng vie^.c su+? du.ng pha^`n me^`m, a^m
> nha.c, phim an?h bi. cu+o+'p ddoa.t (piracy) ddang lo^.ng ha`nh\.
> Ho. ddo`i ho?i ca'c nha` ddu+o+ng co^u.c pha?i ti'ch cu+.c gia?i
> quye^'t va^'n dde^`, tru+o+'c khi "no'i chuye^.n"\.
> DDa.i kha'i, anh co' mua mo^.t license cho Windows XP home cu?a
> to^i, tho+`i to^i mo+'i mua 500 ki' to^m ddo^ng la.nh cu?a anh\.
> 2. Linux va` nhie^`u Open Source projects kha'c la` co+ ho^.i ra^'t
> to^'t cho ca'c co+ quan gia'o du.c, dda.i ho.c, gia'o su+.. du`ng
> la`m co^ng cu. gian?g da^.y\ cho sinh vie^n mi`nh.
> DDa.i kha'i, dde^'n mo^.t tri`nh ddo^. na`o ddo', anh la^'y mo^.t
> PC va` ta?i xuo^'ng va`i ngu^`n ma~ (vi' du.
> kernel-2.4.xxxx.src.rpm, Firefox-1.0.6xxxx.src.rpm,
> MySQL-zzzz.src.rpm, Apach-wwww.tar.bz2, gcc-3.4.3...) ro^`i anh
> dde^? va`i na(m trong tuo^?i tre? cua? mi`nh ma` chuye^n ta^m ho.c
> ho?i, thu+.c nghie^.m trong ca'i kho ta`ng tri thu+'c na^`y\. Khi
> tru+o+?ng tha`nh, anh nhi`n la.i va` tu+. ba?o mi`nh mo^.t ca'ch
> tha`nh tha^.t ra(`ng: "To^i dda~ hie^?u!", tho+`i anh kho^ng ca^`n
> dde^'n mo^.t vie^.n ho.c hay mo^.t ba(`ng ca^'p ve^` tin ho.c na`o
> ca? ma` va^~n tha^'y mi`nh dda^`y ddu?! Ro^`i ca'c Bills, ca'c
> Linus'es, ca'c Stallmans se~ tro+? la.i ta^`m vo'c nhu+ anh va`
> to^i, chu+' kho^ng la` ma^'y o^ng "ke." vo+'i tu'i tie^`n tha^.t
> bu+. hay nhu+~ng y' tu+o+?ng "ngo^ng cuo^`ng"\.

Ca'c Newbie ha~y nha^.p ta^m ma^'y lo+`i tre^n kia, coi nhu+ su'ng 
dda.n trang bi. cho mi`nh dde^? xo^ng le^n dda'nh chie^'m Tu+o+ng lai 
(go.i la` : gia?i pho'ng Tu+o+ng lai :)!

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