Hi List!

Ta?i ve^`. Unzip no'. Burn. Boot. Va` ta('c (nhu+ng chu+a ti.). 
Bo? dda^'`y le^n Web loa.ng qua.ng mo^t ho^`i thi` ga(.p :

A little anekdote that perfectly describes Gentoo:

Cool! A source-based distro with maaaaaany documentation. Freak out! 
So, let's install this cool distro... *15 MIN LATER...* Crap...that 
's config file #21 ver 3. Ah...finally...bootstrapping. *1 DAY LATER* 
Ah...great. Error. Fixed... Now, compile my desktop, thy Gentoo. *3 
DAYS LATER* DONE! Woei! Ok, let's fire this thing on... WTF!? Slower 
than SUSE?

A litt'l anekdote that perfectly describes Lunar:

I hope it's better than Gentoo... Menu-driver configuration? Great! 
*COMPILE* Wow, it works. It's fast!

m k h _ s g n
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