On Friday 23 September 2005 12:00 am, Vo^ Danh wrote:

> Kho^ng hie^?u y' cu. di.nh la`m ca'i gi`. Cu. vie^'t va`o .bashrc
> the^' thi` no' cha.y la` du'ng roa`i.
> Theo y' cha'u, cha('c la` cu. muo^'n cha.y xvnkb va kmail lu'c X
> kho+?i do^.ng. Nhu+ va^.y thi` cu. vu+'t do`ng xvnkb && kmail & va`o
> trong te^.p tin .xinitrc trong $HOME cho cha'u. Nhu+ vay se~ do+~ vat
> va?

La` ho.c chie^u cu?a Cu. Hoa`n, nhu+ng la`m bie^'ng ti`m di~a OpenMosix Ca^`u 
Gia^'y, ddi.nh thu+? coi tri' nho+' co`n ddu+o+.c bao nhie^u. Vie^'t ca'i 
ddo' ro^`i la`m cho no' mo^.t ca'i ai-co+n, ba^.p va`o dde^? xa`i meo ddo' 
ma` :)

m k h _ s g n
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