Hi List!

Vua ro^`i co' mo^.t NewSBIE to+'i xin copy  ma^'y ca'i FreeBSD-6.0, ho?i thi` 
no'i ra(`ng dem ve^` ca`i dde^? ho.c. La.i ho?i sao pha?i ho.c dde^'n thu+' 
du+~ na`y? Tra? lo+`i ra(`ng ddang ho.c na(m 4 CNTT/KHTN. Gia^.t mi`nh kinh 
ha~i ho?i tie^'p ra(`ng : CNTT Bach Khoa kho^ng tha^'y ho.c ca'i na`y, be^n 
KHTN  co' chu+ong tri`nh na`y sao? Tra? lo+`i ra(`ng : Da. o^ng tha^`y no'i 
con la`m ca'i na`y. 

Cha cha?! KHTN muo^'n chuye^?n qua xa`i Unix cho ddo^`ng bo^. vo+'i he^. 
tho^'ng be^n ca'c DH My~cha('c? Ki'nh mu+`ng!
m k h _ s g n
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