On Saturday 21 January 2006 17:49, wangji wrote:
>          !!!! Ke^? chi tie^'t cho ba'c de^? nha('n la`:kho^ng pha?i chi?
> thie^'u va`i lib no. kia ,ma` co`n thie^'u ca? ngo^n ngu+~ phong tha'i gia
> tu.c va`o cu+?a gnome va` kde, he^'t su+c kho' cho tu.i gi`a nhu+ mi`nh
> ddo`i ke^'t ho+.p hai ddu+'a nha~i na`y

Ca'm o+n Cu. cho nghe Pha^.p pha'p cao sie^u. Co' ddie^`u coi Gnome vo+'i KDE 
la` hai ddu+'a nha~i thi` kho^ng da'm dda^u 

Cu. cu~ng cha.y ca? KNNOTIX nu+~a pha?i kho^ng a.? Ca'i interfaces vie^'t la`m 
sao cho no' connect ADSL ddu+o+.c?

Hie^.n no' la` :
>auto lo
>iface lo inet loopback

>auto eth1
>iface eth1 inet dhcp

>iface dsl-provider inet ppp
>provider dsl-provider

> ru+o+.u vang pha'p mi`nh kho^ng bie^'t uo^'ng,nhu+ng nghe no'i vietnam
> ra^'t nhie^`u ru+o+.u vang Pha'p "gia?" co' ma(.t tre^n thi. tru+o+`ng 

Ru+o+.u vang Pha'p ma` co' gi?a thi` cu~ng chu+a sao. Chi? so+. ca'i kha'c 
gi?a , ma` la.i nhie^`u nu+~a, thi` tha^.t la` o^ ho^ ai tai

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