On 5/17/06, maikhai <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi SaigonLUGers!

To^i vu+`a nha^.n cu' pho^n cu?a Ly' Cha'nh Du~ng ba'o tin (va` mo+`i) tru+a
nay 11g30 anh em ho.p ma(.t ta.i 81 Ngo^ Tho+`i Nhie^.m Qua^.n 3 dde^? na^ng
ly chu'c mu+`ng HA`N THE^' THA`NH  le^n ddu+o+`ng sang DDu+'c.

Khai Tran lo chua^?n bi. bia dden ddi la` vu+`a, sa('p co' ba.n nha^.u ro^`i.

m k h _ s g n

Tie^'c qua' kho^ng ddi ddu+o+.c :-(

Bao gio+` anh Tha`nh ddi ho+? ba'c?


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