On Sunday 14 May 2006 08:32, Larry Nguyen wrote:
> On 6:00:52 pm 05/13/06 maikhai <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Bu+~a tru+o+'c copy cu?a Trinh Hoai Tri 5CD 10.0 dda~ nghe khen vi`
> > no' cho+i wifi ngon la`nh, ca`i le^n Laptop tha^'y ma't con ma('t.
> Cha'u la.i vu+`a bi. mo^.t bug kha' to :( Ne^'u boot ma'y vo+'i external
> USB hard drive, kernel panics :(  Ti' ddi report bug va^.y.
> Ngoa`i ra, 10.1 dda~ co' sa(~n Xgl dde^? nha' ba` con ti' :)
> -Larry

Kororaa-2006 LiveCD vi` co' ca'i xgl ma` chi.u thua tre^n ma'y mi`nh, kho^ng 
ca`i ddu+o+.c. Gio+` la.i the^m mie^'ng ga-to^ SuSE na`y nu+~a, ca^`m le^n 
kho^ng ca('n ddu+o+.c mie^'ng na`o a'c thie^.t. No' co' dde^? multi graphics 
card hay kho^ng he` ?

m k h _ s g n
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