Ti'nh tu+` dda^`u na(m thi`

Latest Secunia Security Advisories ("http://secunia.com/";)

2   -  Mandriva update for kdebase
2   -  Cisco Secure ACS for Unix Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
2   -  SSPwiz Plus "message" Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
2   -  iPostMX 2005 "RETURNURL" Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
3   -  Virtual War "war.php" SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
3   -  Mandriva update for sendmail
3   -  Mandriva update for libtiff
3   -  Mandriva update for spamassassin
3   -  Gentoo update for pam_mysql
5   -  Microsoft Excel Unspecified Code Execution Vulnerability
2   -  Gentoo update for openldap
3   -  Gentoo update for sendmail
3   -  OpenBSD update for sendmail
2   -  MP3 Search/Archive index.php Cross-Site Scripting
2   -  SixCMS "page" Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
3   -  Calendarix Basic "id" SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
3   -  Chipmailer "anfang" SQL Injection Vulnerability
3   -  Wikkawiki Two Vulnerabilities

Co`n rie^ng cho, vi' du. nhu+, "Gentoo" co' to+'i 890 security advisories 
("http://secunia.com/advisories/20684/?show_all_related=1#related";), tu+` 
"Gentoo update for pam_mysql"...dde^'n "Gentoo and Debian linux has issued 
updated packages to RPC issue".
Co' hai quan nie^.m. Mo^.t la`, ca`ng nhie^`u security advisories la`m distro 
ca`ng an toa`n, vu+~ng cha('c. Hai la`, ca'i ro^? nhie^`u cho^~ thu?ng thi` sao 
ddu+o+.c go.i la` ..an toa`n?
Nha^n ta^m cu~ng tu`y ma.ng mo+~!
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