Hi all,

Ma^'y ho^m nay co' tranh thu? tha^.t su+. ba('t dda^`u xa`i thu+? Xgl du+.a
va`o http://gentoo-wiki.com/Xgl  mo+i tha^'y mi`nh ho+i la.c ha^.u :)

1. La(n nu't chuo^.t giu+~a, ca'i cu+?a so^? ma` pointer ddang na(`m trong
ddo' no' se~ tu+. ddo^.ng pho'ng to ca'i cu+?a so^? :) Lu'c na`y di
chuye^?n con mouse thi` ca? cu+?a so^? na`y se~ di chuye^?n theo (kho^ng
ca^`n hold down any button). Simply amazing!

2. Mo^~i la^`n cho cha.y chu+o+ng tri`nh gi` ca'c cu+?a so^? xua^'t hie^.n
ra^'t.. phe^ :) va` cu+?a so^? ddang co' sa(~n se~ tu+. ddo^.ng mo+`/to^'i
ddi cho cu+?a so^?/chu+o+ng tri`nh mo+'i ddu+o+.c no^?i ba^.t ho+n. 

3. Mo^~i la^`n cho.n ca'c mu.c tre^n menu (File, Edit, etc) thi` ca'c
submenu wobbling/animated

4, Cube in effect nhu+ trong a?nh tu+` url be^n tre^n

5. Ta.m bie^.t Vista :)


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