On 10:49:39 am 10/31/06 Manh Cuong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> giao dien gio^'ng windows qua'. Kho^ng bie^'t se~ bi. kie^.n ba?n
> quye^`n ca'c icon va` giao die^.n hay kho^ng.
> Ca'c tri`nh control panel, desktop, My Computer ra^'t gio^'ng vo+'i
> windows, kha' tie^.n lo+.i dde^? co' the^? chuye^?n sang su+? du.ng
> ca'i ba?n linux na`y.  Tie^'c la` chu+a cho download xa`i thu+? .
> nhi`n screen shot thi` qua? la` tuye^.t vo+`i
> Manh Cuong.

Hehe, hy vo.ng kho^ng pha?i la` co^ng ty bi.p bo+.m nhu+...:) Co' le~ ho.
muo^'n qua?ng ca'o tru+o+'c ro^`i ta?i ve^` sau 


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