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Ngày thứ bảy 09/12/2006, Khoa Vật lý của Trường ĐHKHTN (Đại học Quốc gia 
Việt Nam) cùng AUF và dự án C3LD sẽ tổ chức một buổi semina về phần mềm 
tự do và một buổi cài đặt Linux.
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The faculty of Physics of the University of natural sciences of Hanoi 
(National University of Vietnam), in collaboration twith the Agence 
universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and the Centre Linux et logiciels 
libres pour le développement - Vietnam, is organizing a half-day (8.30 
til 11.30 am) seminar on open-source softwares and a half-day (1.30 til 
5pm) Linux install party on Saturday 9th December 2006.

The location will be at the University of natural sciences, 334 Nguyên 
Trai road (Thanh Xuân district), Building T1 (i.e. the one at the front 
entrance), the morning at rooms 415 and 416 (third floor), the afternoon 
at room 106 of the same building.

All activities will be in Vietnamese, so if you want to learn Vietnamese 
you are welcomed too.

More information at :

M. Vu Do Quynh
Agence universitaire de la Francophonie, Bureau Asie Pacifique
Responsable, Campus numérique francophone (CNF) de Hanoi
C°/ IFI (Rez de chaussée, derrière l'Amphi. Marcel Dassault)
Bâtiment D, Impasse (Ngo) 42, rue Ta Quang Buu (Q. Hai Ba Trung), Hanoi
Tél: +84-4-868.48.85 ; Télécopie: +84-4-869.45.09
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