2007/9/16, wangji <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> upgrade your multiligual keyboard while staying in livecd ubuntu  with
> just 2Mb download !!!!
>   see
> http://wangji.hoan.googlepages.com/scimUbuntu-7.04-livecdHowTo.html

There is very interesting ideas and work in this package that I would like
to put into the next ubuntu-vi revision! :-)
But the packaging is not quite correct: not respecting FHS (text files in /)
and having redundency with what im-switch gives you already...
Can you give a link to the source of this package or should I just use
dpkg-deb to extract it? (like I already did in fact :-P )

And, since your email address is in France, do you speak French? If so we
could chat more quickly and directly to exchange more ideas and help
together produce some  quality work! :-) Do you have a Jabber/XMPP account?
Mine is either this Google one or [EMAIL PROTECTED]

By the way, I did some packaging myself to help integrating Vietnamese on an
Ubuntu desktop, see:

And from this I do the ubuntu-vi CD which you can download through
bittorrent, see:

Cheers, J.C.
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