On 6/2/2011 7:38 PM, Dave Webb wrote:

trying to use a smtp inbox for gmail. Things were going fine, but now
when connecting and asking inbox to "g" get new mail, vm connects to
smtp server, checks for mail, starts to download and then suddenly posts
this error "vm-number-messages: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil". If
there is any mail in the inbox, now it is marked as read, remains on
server but does not show up in the inbox folder of vm.

I suppose you mean you are trying to use *IMAP* (not "smtp")? But you haven't said whether you are using a local folder or an IMAP folder (server folder) for downloading mail.

Once again, you need to check if anything has gone wrong with the IMAP connection. Please set vm-imap-keep-trace-buffers to t in your .vm file and look at the contents of the trace buffer after getting the error. You can send me the contents to verify.


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