emacs user writes:

> so the recommended advice in the u-vm-color file header is to use
> ;;  (defadvice vm-decode-mime-message (after u-vm-color activate)
> ;;    (u-vm-color-fontify-buffer-even-more))
> this function does (widen), and perhaps that's too much of a widening?

Yes, in fact, u-vm-color warns you that doing this will slow things down.

Unfortunately, VM's message displaying code is very complicated with the
control going back and forth between vm-decode-mime-message,
vm-present-current-message and vm-show-current-message.  The way things
stand, it is probably not possible to write u-vm-color properly.  Those
advices should not be necessary in an ideal world.

I will have to find time to straighten this out at some point...


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