Uday Reddy writes:

 > My principle is that key bindings are meant for frequently-used commands.
 > For others, the best option is to define aliases, e.g.,
 >   (defalias 'imap 'vm-visit-imap-folder)
 > I actually believe that the Emacs architecture is fundamentally flawed in
 > its overdependence on key bindings.  I have had discussions about it in the
 > Emacs developers mailing list.  Some points have been agreed, partially, but
 > the ideal solution requires a lot of reengineering, which they don't hve
 > stomach for.
 > The stop-gap solution is for us to define our own aliases and ditch key
 > bindings except when they are really needed.

Would you elaborate on this?  I can guess what "fundamentally flawed in
its overdependence on key bindings" means but I expect my guess is acutally
wrong.  Certainly the binding of self-insert-key to all the most common
characters on the keyboard fits the dictum of binding to frequently-used
commands, but most of my own personalized key bindings are quite special
purpose (and often violate the Emacs "rules" for key bindings.)  On the other
hand I've never found aliases helpful.

-- Bob

Robert L. Knighten

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