Uday Reddy <usr.vm.ro...@gmail.com> writes:

> blueman writes:
>> Given that there is a concept of a vm-imap-default-account, I think it
>> might be helpful if such a default could be used to shorten references
>> to imap folders on the default account, especially since most people are
>> probably just using the default account the majority if not all of the
>> time.
> If you use only one IMAP account, you need to type it only the first time.
> Later on, the prompt will automatically use it as the default.
> But it is a good idea to use the default account for the first prompt as
> well.  I will put it on the to-do list.

More generally, I just wonder whether one can eliminate the whole need
to mention default server since I imagine most people don't have more
than one server and it can be confusing/cluttering.

I agree that pre-filling it in as the default is helpful in terms of
saving typing but is it really necessary from a simplicity/cleanliness
perspective. In other words, I would prefer a behavior that assumed the
default server (maybe not even a need for a colon at all) unless
otherwise specified.

Indeed, dropping the need for the use of a colon when using the default
server would make the usage more consistent with local folders for the
presumably majority of the time when people are accessing their default

This is obviously not a big deal, but just something that I think would
simplify imap and its usage for those who have just one server (or who
use one server the majority of the time)

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