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> For instance, you call what you did a hack - is there a more
"official" way to do it?

I call it a hack because of two reasons:
- The maintainer of Twisted doesn't want to implement something similar upstream. - It breaks some unit tests. I'm not sure whether it really breaks functionality or just the unit testing tool of Twisted.

As I said at the meeting, a possibility would be to go multi-threaded. The Twisted maintainer suggested another way but I don't think that that way works for us. If we manage to solve the problem with the unit tests, we could of course somehow modify the relevant part of Twisted from within VIFF.

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I've now implemented the hack I mentioned at the last SIMAP/CACE meeting. The quintessence of the hack is that we do network communication every time a multiplication or open operation is scheduled, not only after returning the control back to Twisted.

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