I have a problem with how to structure codes with much callback in VIFF. I want to do some stuff with shares, reveal some values, do more calculations with shares, reveal more values, and so on.

For illustration purposes, lets say I have a bitwise secret shared value r (r and r_as_bits), and I want to compute c = x + r. Then reveal c and print it and reveal c. But this is only done if bits of r are not all zero.

Below is the psudocode and the real code. The real code does not work, because it will return the last result only if the reactor is not shut down prematurely. So my question is how do I get a working program that looks more like my psaudocode?

def protocol(r_as_bits, mask, r, x):
        test = test_not_all_zero(r_as_bits, mask)
        if test == True
                c = r + x
                c = open(c)
                print c
                print "False"

def test_not_all_zero(r_as_bits, mask)
        #reveal (sum(bits) - number_of_bits)*mask
        temp = sum(r_as_bits[:]) - len(r_as_bits)) * mask
        temp = open(temp)
        if temp == 0
                return False
        return True

real code:    def protocol_part_1(self, r_as_bits, r, mask, x):
        test = self.test_not_all_zero(r_as_bits, mask)
        self.r = r
        self.x = x
        return test.addCallback(self.protocol_part_2)

    def protocol_part_2(self, test):
        if test:
            c = self.r + self.x
            c_open = self.runtime.open(c)
            result = gather_shares([c_open])
            callback_result = result.addCallback(self.print_answer)
            return callback_result
            print "No value, False"
            return False

    def print_answer(self, value):
        print "Result ", value
        return True

    def test_not_all_zero(self, r_as_bits, mask):
        #reveal (sum(bits))*mask
        temp = sum(r_as_bits[:]) * mask
        temp_open = self.runtime.open(temp)

        def check_result(check):
            print "Comparing ", check, " to 0"
            if check[0].value == 0:
                return False
            return True

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