In the simple case I want to shout out a number to everybody, even somebody who is eavesdropping.


Den 10/03/2009 kl. 12.23 skrev Ivan Bjerre Damgård:

It can definitely be useful to have a broadcast method, for instance to complete the implementation of the asynchronous maliciously secure protocol, we will need broadcast.

But one needs to be careful about what kind of security we want. There is a whole jungle of protocols, depending on whether it is unconditional or computational security, synchronous or asynchronous network, and what number of players you assume can be corrupt. I think a protocol of Bracha has in fact already been implemented in VIFF

regards, Ivan

Quoting Janus Dam Nielsen <>:

New submission from Janus Dam Nielsen <>:

I would like to see a broadcast method in the Runtime class. The
purpose of the broadcast method should be to distribute a public value
among all parties (or some subset of parties).

A case: All parties in a computation needs to read a value from
standard in, and it is a different value for each party. We want to
tell the value to everybody else.

An example use could be like the input method:
a,b,c = runtime.broadcast([1,2,3], value)

Similarly, broadcast can be used in a conditional if only some subset
of parties wants to distribute a value.

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