Awesome! Now it works, why didn't I think of Twisted's XML-RPC server before... Well, I'll probably post the URL of the (simple) web application on this mailing list some time, but not yet. It needs some minor adjustments;-)

Well, back to the report writing. Thanks again!


Martin Geisler wrote:
Håvard Vegge <> writes:

Your answer was useful, thanks!

Well, I'm still here, playing around with VIFF and a simple web
application, while I really should have been writing my master's

Hmm, maybe we should put a warning sign on the download page: "Master
and PhD students should be aware that programming with VIFF might be
addictive, use with care." :-)

Now my only problem is to get my VIFF program and SimpleXMLRPCServer
to work together. I have three MPC servers which receive the same
XML-RPC message. When this happens, they will start the multiparty
protocol. It works for one such request, but when setting the
XML-RPC server to serve_forever() weird things start to happen.

Right -- you have to use the Twisted XML-RPC server, at least on the
three MPC servers:

The SimpleXMLRPCServer in Python does not know about Twisted, so they
will not play together.
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