Hi Janus and hi everybody,

I got this mail from Marc about fast Paillier:

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Hi Martin, 

My name is Marc X. Makkes and i'm the student who is implementing the
homomorphic encryption scheme for for NaCL project. Tanja urged me to
contact you for some detail regarding the implementation and if i
understand correctly your the one that is going to use this scheme for
certain applications. Can you tell me a little bit the applications?

In addition i've received the whish list. But it seems to me that there
is missing a key setup/generation function. Can you maybe comment on

Currently i've have made a ''basic'' c implementation, which is
equivalent to your and my own python implementation. In the next few
day's i hope to implement the subgroup variant as well as doing the CRT
speedup for decryption. 



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Martin Geisler

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