Hi Marc,

My name is Marc X. Makkes and i'm the student who is implementing the
homomorphic encryption scheme for for NaCL project.
Great to hear from you, I will be your main contact, because I am probably the VIFF user who will be needing a fast homomorphic implementation the soonest.

I guess that the actual scheme you are implementing is the Paillier encryption scheme?

Tanja urged me to contact you for some detail regarding the implementation and if i
understand correctly your the one that is going to use this scheme for
certain applications. Can you tell me a little bit the applications?
We generally use Paillier as a part of secure multiparty computation protocols, where each party has his own secret key and knows the public keys of the other players. The ciphertexts are generally multiplied a substantial number of times.

In addition i've received the whish list. But it seems to me that there
is missing a key setup/generation function. Can you maybe comment on
We generally would like an implementation which is similar to the one already in VIFF in terms of API and functionality. I am not sure I understand what you mean by "missing a key setup/generation function", currently in Python there is a function which generates keys. If there are alternatives, then what are they and what would you suggest?

Currently i've have made a ''basic'' c implementation, which is
equivalent to your and my own python implementation. In the next few
day's i hope to implement the subgroup variant as well as doing the CRT
speedup for decryption.
Great, I hope it will outperform any other implementation ever made :)

Having Python bindings for the c implementation is also of large value to us.


Janus Dam Nielsen



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