Dear friends of VIFF,

I have a proprosal to optimize preprocessing in VIFF, which I would like to put up for discussion.

- D(x): a Deferred object whose callback function will be called with x
- S(x): same for a Share object
- F: a FieldElement object
- [x, ...]: a Python list
- (x, ...): a Python tuple

Current situation:
The two generate_triples() functions in the active runtimes return
n, D([(S(F), S(F), S(F)), ...]),
where n denotes the length of the list. Runtime.preprocess() puts one D(S(F), S(F), S(F)) per program counter in the preprocessing pool and uses util.deep_wait() to return a Deferred whose callback is called when all field elements are available.

The get_triple() functions return
D(S(F), S(F), S(F)),
either taken from the preprocessing pool, or by calling generate_triples() and adding an extra callback to extract the first triple.

My proposal:
The generate_triples() functions return
[D([F, F, F]), ...],
and Runtime.preprocess() puts one [F, F, F] per program counter in the preprocessing pool. There is no need for deep_wait, we can just use gatherResults on the Deferreds return by the generator functions. The generator functions can use gatherResults to get D([F, F, F]) from [S(F), S(F), S(F)].

The get_triple() functions return
[F, F, F], True              if there is a triple in the pool, and
[S(F), S(F), S(F)], False    otherwise.
For the multiplication in BasicActiveRuntime it doesn't make a difference whether FieldElements or Shares are returned. Future applications which require Shares can wrap the FieldElements in Shares if the Boolean is True.

- 10000 multiplications in parallel with active security using PRSS
  - 4% faster preprocessing
  - 5% faster online operation
  - 50 MB less memory used
- 10 AES blocks in parallel using masked exponentiation with active security using PRSS
  - 10% faster preprocessing
  - 10% faster online operation
  - 140 MB less memory used

Further considerations:
- I don't see any problem for replacing FieldElement with anything that does not contain Deferreds in any form. - Probably, it would also be possible to leave the generator functions as they are and use something similar to deep_wait(). However, I consider it as an overhead. - One could also always wrap the FieldElements in Shares, but this would again be an overhead.

Best regards,
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