Janus Dam Nielsen <janus.niel...@alexandra.dk> writes:

>> Also, can we please have that code put into VIFF? I don't like it
>> that we're getting more and more "secret" code floating around :-)
>> Especially not when we make changes to VIFF to accomodate this secret
>> code -- it would be different if we had simple drop-in Python
>> replacements for it.
>> (I know you've said that this code can be made public since it's part
>> of NaCL, so this is more for the record...)
> The code will not be a part of VIFF, but a prerequisite like Zope
> interfaces or Twisted.

Why is the code not put into VIFF? We already have too many
dependencies, to I would much prefer not to add new ones.

Dependencies are especially a problem on Windows, unless they come with
ready-made installers with the compiled C extensions.

Martin Geisler

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