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> Hi
> Thanks for this.

No problem! I'm sending this to the list too, please use reply-all or
similar to send your replies there as well :-)

> So having installed gmpy, how do I get python to "see" it
>   - I have not used python before
> The install of gmpy seemed to just do the following copy only...
> copying build/lib.linux-x86_64-2.4/ ->
> /home/projects/crypto/Linux/lib64/python

Try adding /home/projects/crypto/Linux/lib64/python to your PYTHONPATH
environment variable. Python works similarly to Java in that it has a
concept of a PYTHONPATH on which it finds it's modules -- Java has the
class path where it finds it's jars.

> How it managed to find our gmp installation I have no idea, as I
> did not tell it where that was.
>  - Assuming it did that is

It must have searched in the standard library paths such as /usr/lib.
That's where I find a lot of libgmp.* files.

> Nigel

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