>> I am on a Windows XP machine. I tried with the latest versions of the
>> the components from the respective websites, but the apps from the
>> VIFF folder threw up errors. I realize I should have taken note of the
>> error messages - sorry about that. So I installed slightly older
>> versions (Python 2.4 and related) and things worked fine.
> Okay. Perhaps one of the windows-savvy people on this list can help you
> more or at least look at the errors.


I've just run the millionaires example using

Windows XP Pro SP3
Python 2.6.4
Twisted 9.0.0
GMPY 1.11
Win32 OpenSSL v. 0.9.8l Light
PyOpenSSL 0.10

It works fine for me when running with --no-ssl. With ssl turned on, I get a

Failure: twisted.internet.error.ConnectionLost: Connection to the
other side was lost in a non-clean fashion.

when connections are closed, but the millinonaires program gets executed anyway.

I agree that we should definitely try to make the installation process
easier, e.g. as Sriram suggests, by including the various dependencies
in the viff packages.

Sriram: Can you make it work with the above versions? If not, which
error messages do you see?

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